Bad Love Strikes Review

Imagine if you and your friends stumbled across a time machine. You’d have the opportunity to go anywhere you wanted. Kevin “Bubble Butt” Schafer and his friends, known as the “Bad Love Gang,” embark on a journey to rescue the Jews and Gypsies from the Holocaust using this time machine. 

The year is 1939, and Albert Einstein warns President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Nazi Germany is pursuing an atomic bomb. He encourages him to make sure the United States develops the weapon first. President Roosevelt agrees, and in June of 1942, he creates the “Manhattan Project.” In October of that same year, Einstein urges President Roosevelt to have a back-up plan, so he lets Einstein develop the time travel machine code-named the “White Hole Project,” and this is the machine that the “Bad Love Gang” discovers in 1974. 

What unfolds for Kevin and his friends is an unforgettable journey through time filled with action, suspense, unfortunate sorrow, and a discovery that will impact everyone involved. What I appreciated and felt was unique about Bad Love Strikes was that Dr. Kevin Schewe listed the characters’ names, and provided a soundtrack to go along with the story, which was my first time seeing anything like this in a book. I also liked that he was very vivid and detailed with his storytelling. 

I laughed while reading Dr. Schewe’s Bad Love Strikes. I was shocked, and at times felt a bit sad. The plot is what interested me and why I chose to read this book, and I am glad I did because I enjoyed it. Bad Love Strikes by Dr. Schewe is available everywhere books are sold. 

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